Cruz Carpet Cleaning - Serving Wenatchee,Cashmere,Quincy, and Chelan (509)  387 0912

Welcome to a new kind of cleaning!

Cruz Cleaning provides your home with exceptional cleaning services that fall in-line with your personal schedule and fully address your specific needs. Our crew consists of qualified, dedicated cleaners with solid cleaning skills and professional customer service. Our dedication to our customers is what gives us so many repeat clients.

To put it simply, our top 3 priorities are quality, punctuality, and communication with our clients.

We go the extra mile for you every time!

Our cleaners will take extra care of your home like it was their own. If you look hard enough, you can always find a couple of overlooked spots and forgotten areas to clean. Our house cleaners do look hard enough and take care of these hard-to-reach spots for you.

We’re flexible in appointments and service!

We work closely with our clients to set out the best schedule possible for a cleaning. Cruz Cleaning absolutely understands how a busy schedule can make cleaning difficult, so we’re more than willing to work with you to schedule the best appointment time.

We provide cleaning services for many occasions, such as move in/out cleaning, party preparation, and much more. If you need your home cleaned for a special event, feel free to give us any special instructions 

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